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It’s true that there has been advancement in speech recognition software, but the accuracy level required for a 99% accurate transcription just isn’t there yet! Speech recognition software might be an “okay” solution for an individual person’s dictation, which will still require the user to format the text captured and correct errors the software created (such as not recognizing slang terms, acronyms, or terminology). Speech software is not a good fit for any audio recording involving more than one person speaking. You will then have to spend the time going through that audio file again to make corrections to the transcript, or you will need to pay an outside party to correct the transcript, spending more time and money than necessary.

If accuracy, timeliness, and expense are all important to your business, you will want to choose 100% human generated transcription services for your projects. We guarantee 99-100% accuracy utilizing our talented and experienced transcribers. We can offer you additional services, such as timestamps, formatting changes (such as bolding or highlighting), and customized templates for all your projects to make sure your end product is exactly what you need.

Our trained and experienced transcribers will be able to filter out background noise to only focus on the participants you need transcribed. We are experienced with very thick accents and dialects from all over the world, and we will spend the additional time necessary to really hone in on those more difficult to understand participants to get you the best transcript possible. Our transcribers know the difference between similar words that have very different meanings! For example, we know when to type accept and except, or to, too, and two. Speech recognition software may not (and often will not) use the correct word, changing the meaning of a sentence entirely. Speech recognition software is not advanced enough to tell the difference between a group of speakers, often jumbling comments together when they should be separated. It will not only be unable to tell the difference between speakers, but it will not be able to accurately tell what each person is saying, giving you a very inaccurate transcript.

Skip the speech recognition, and all of the errors, and let our skilled and experienced transcribers provide you with a quality transcript!

  • Quality: Transcribers are tested before joining our team, and our Quality Control department utilizes a multi-layered proofing structure to ensure your transcripts are of the highest accuracy and quality possible.
  • Experience: RMTS has been in business since 1994 and our transcribers and Quality Control team are experienced professionals. We have an extensive list of clients who can vouch for our work. Check out our testimonials!
  • Security: Our company is U.S. based with a commitment to security. Your information is safe with us! We will sign a Non-Disclosure and can provide our own secure server for the transfer of your files. Client satisfaction and retention is our top priority! We pride ourselves on excellent communication and strive to build a strong relationship with our clients to ensure long-lasting collaboration.
  • Snail mail for physical files such as cassette, thumb drive, CDs.
  • File transfer through our encrypted SFTP website.
  • Hightail is a popular file transfer cloud service. You can send and receive digital files, as well as create Spaces to collaborate. 
  • Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service with Basic (free), Plus, and Professional account options, and even Business pricing. You can share and store files, and collaborate with Dropbox.
  • Create login credentials for RMTS through your company’s SharePoint or secure server. Some of our clients prefer this option, so that we can directly access the audio/video files they upload, and we can directly upload completed transcripts to their company’s business site.

Yes! We are a vetted Government-approved vendor. We utilize the highest level of encryption to protect your data via our secure website. Ask us for testimonials!

  • SFTP and SSH data transfers
  • 256 bit SSL Encryption for entire website
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Regular security and firmware updates

One of the attributes that RMTS is most proud of is our multi-layered Quality Control!

We employ transcribers who must pass a test to type for us. Their work quality is continually monitored throughout their time with RMTS. Our team is top-notch!

One thing to note, though. A transcript is only as good as the audio/video quality! If accuracy is very important to your project, please make sure your recordings are the best quality possible.

The most impactful issue relating to accuracy is the quality of the original audio. We offer audio improvement, but there are limits to its success if the background noise is loud or on the same frequency as a low volume speaker. Factors that affect and the steps you can take to insure accuracy, completeness and delivery time are:

  • Noisy backgrounds – Make sure you are recording your subjects in a quiet environment. Remember that a microphone cannot filter out background voices and noise the way we can. If you have no choice, make sure the speaker or speakers are as close to the microphone as possible. Record a sound test before you begin so you know what you’re getting.
  • Low speakers, mumblers and slurred speech – Make sure the microphone is as close as possible. Ask the participants to speak a little louder, if possible. Make sure the background noise is minimal. Again, record a test to make sure you’re able to hear and understand what they’re saying. 
  • Multiple voices – Any conversation or group discussion can get exciting and animated. It only takes two talking at the same time to render an important piece of information indiscernible.  Remind your participants to speak one at a time or ask them to repeat their answer separately.

Yes! Please send us your Non-Disclosure Agreement and we will return it ASAP.

All new clients will receive a 20% off discount for their first project with us!

River Mist Transcription Services invoices are sent via email. You can choose payment from the following options:

  • Snail-mail a physical check.
  • Credit Card payment.
  • Payment via PayPal.

Yes! We have a great team of transcribers ready to work! However, if your project is more than 10 hours of audio/video and requires a RUSH or 24-hour turnaround, we may need some time to organize to ensure your project requirements are met. For large projects, contact us via email or phone to discuss details. We are excited to work with you!

Yes. We offer multiple languages translation and Spanish-to-Spanish transcription. Please follow this link to our Translation page.

We can transcribe any audio or video file type and convert your file to another format, if needed. We do prefer digital files, though, as they can be transferred immediately and easily.

  • Consultation:  $40 for up to half an hour. Additional time prorated by ¼ hour.
  • Notification of, and/or consultation regarding, corrupt or unplayable files are included with transcription service.
  • Editorial, manipulation and/or enhancement for sub-optimal audio (if viable):  $40 for up to half hour of audio or video. $20 each additional half hour
  • Projects with multiple interviews less than 15 minutes each will be given a project rate based on cumulative time.
  • Audio and Video File Conversion from standard audio or video formats: included with transcription service.
  • Additional charge for conversions from some proprietary file formats.
  • Web audio or video:  if a media file is not available to be downloaded we can record the session using the appropriate file type at $40 per hour of total running time.

Regular / Clean Transcription:

  • Excluding “ums”, “ahs”, stuttering, and Moderator interjections.
  • Excluding fillers such as “like” and “you know” that are constantly repeated and part of poor speech pattern.
  • Excluding false starts.
  • Slang is corrected – “gonna” typed as “going to” and “wanna” typed as “want to”

Um…um…well, I, um…uh…  It was a-…a-…ab-…about th-… the, you know, second ti-… time around the block that I kinda thought, like, you know, I wanna turn around. You know what I mean?
^^^ everything in red is omitted.

It was about the second time around the block that I thought I want to turn around. You know what I mean?

Verbatim Transcription:

  • Excluding “ums”, “ahs”, and stuttering.
  • Excluding Moderator “encouragement” interjections that are spoken only to urge the Respondent to continue speaking, such as “mm-hm, okay, right, I see,” and that continually interrupt the Respondent’s comments.
  • Including slang, false starts, and all words
  • Including [coughs], [laughs], [sighs] et cetera

Um…um…well, I, um…uh…  It was a-…a-…ab-…about th-… the, you know, second ti-…time around the block that I kinda thought, like, you know, I wanna turn around. You know what I mean?
^^^ everything in red is omitted.

Well, I… It was about the, you know, second time around the block that I kinda thought, like, you know, I wanna turn around. You know what I mean?

Strict Verbatim Transcription:

  • Including every utterance spoken, such as “ums”, “ahs”, and stuttering.
  • Including all interjections.
  • Including slang as spoken, false starts, and all words.
  • Including [coughs], [laughs], [sighs] et cetera

Um…um… well, I, um…uh… It was a-… a-…ab-…about th-…the, you know, second ti-…time around the block that I kinda thought, like, you know, I wanna turn around. You know what I mean?
^^^ everything spoken is typed!!!

STANDARD Turnaround time: 3+ business days RUSH Turnaround time: 2 business days 24-HOUR
Turnaround time: 1 business day
SAME DAY Special Urgency Order* Contact us for details.
Business days are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST*** Files will not be delivered on U.S. holidays.
  • Files received after 6:00 p.m. EST will be “checked-in” at 8:00 a.m. the next business day and delivered per your chosen turnaround above.
  • SAME DAY order – contact us for details.

Before the project begins you should provide us with labeling instructions including any specific information you require for the document header. Unless otherwise noted, we will label the transcripts exactly as the recording is labeled.

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