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Meet Our Team at River Mist Transcription Services

JS Martin Team - Jannice Roy

Jannice Roy


Jannice began her career in transcription after years of working as a legal assistant and in the insurance industry. She’s always had a love for literature and the written word, and continued her education in written and oral communication, business principles, and creative and nonfiction writing. She is also a content writer and a published romance author, writing under a pen name. She joined JS Martin Transcription Resources as a Quality Control Specialist and found a love for the business and the client relationships she’s formed over the past 12 years. When the time was right, she acquired the transcription company and changed the name to River Mist Transcription Services. Alongside her two skilled QC Specialists, and their combined 56 years of experience in the transcription industry, she now leads a wonderful team of talented and professional transcribers.
JS Martin Team - Chris Duncan

Christine Duncan


Christine’s work experience includes many years in the banking, securities, entertainment and recording industries. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Christine also spent 17 years in Los Angeles as a musician and recording artist. Her transcription experience began in L.A. in 1996, coupled with employment as a script continuity writer for HBO, Showtime, and various companies in the motion picture industry. Currently, Christine resides with her husband and children in Wilmington, Delaware.

JSMartin Team - Cheryl Morrison

Cheryl Morrison


Cheryl Morrison has over 35 years of experience in the administrative field, including positions as a medical transcriptionist, office manager, quality assurance coordinator, and grant-writing assistant. In addition to transcription agencies, she’s worked for a real estate company, medical marketing agency, advertising firm, and many years in a non-profit substance abuse treatment agency. Coupled with her degrees in Psychology and Business Administration, she has a strong overview of, and experience with, the unique needs of different industries. Cheryl is a born-and-raised New Englander, still living in Massachusetts. She has been with J.S. Martin Transcriptions Services since 2000.

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